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The Rosewood Salon proudly operates in a unique and client-benefited way to ensure your healthiest hair and the happiest you.


Each stylist has a unique form with their specific hourly rates and specialties. For booking information, please complete the corresponding form for the specific stylist you choose.  If you opt for a different stylist during the booking process, your initial booking will be canceled, and you’ll have to start fresh with forms for the new stylist.


If you're uncertain about which stylist to choose, take our stylist matching quiz to pair you with the perfect stylist to meet your needs

The Rosewood Way




Your dream time look is just a few hours away! Whether you’re looking for a color transformation, extensions or a styling upgrade, our dream time of stylists can provide all the services you need.  

Select your stylist or start here to find your perfect match


We want to know all about our hair goals! Please complete the specific form for your desired stylist.   Each stylist has their own unique pricing, specialties, and client forms which you can find HERE.

 *To avoid canceled appointments, make sure to complete the specific form for your preferred stylist*



Your professional stylist will be in touch with you within 48 hours to provide a detailed consultation and booking instructions. Any follow-up questions can be addressed with your stylist at this time. 


Important Information: Nothing brings us more joy than servicing our beautiful clients. To accommodate both your schedules and ours, we offer appointments by the number of hours rather than a specific or gendered service. We schedule services based on the time needed to achieve your hair goals. All information on pricing and hours can be found on our stylist and service pages.


color experience

Highlights 3-4 Hours

Sun-kissed, dimensional, blended, bold, high contrast, lived In; these are some of the words used to describe highlights! Our Rosewood Salon Highlight Experience will add brightness and dimension in ALL the right places. 

If you are looking for a BOLDER blonding experience with a soft grow out this is the service for you. Experience brightness throughout with minimal contrast on mids and ends.  This service includes a trim, treatment, and style. Hourly rates and forms are noted in each team member's bio here.


2022-02-10_10-42-57_1644507800 (1).jpg
2022-02-17_22-55-29_1645156557 (1).jpg

extension experience

Are you wanting long beautiful hair? Or are you looking to add volume? Rosewood rows require no glue, no tape, no heat and have less points of contact on your natural hair giving less opportunity for damage.  Rosewood Extension services include trim, color matching, in person consult, take home care kit, and style. Installs are priced at hourly rate, suggested times are listed below. Submit a new client form here with one of our stylists.

how many rows? 

2022-02-17_22-22-19_1645154550 (1).jpg
9D096C21-8780-4D34-940B-87A0D5313921_1645154588 (1).jpeg
952DD89D-71EF-455F-8F14-161AEB646B4D_1645154704 (1).jpeg

One Rose Row


Gives hair added volume at your current length, most often fine hair ends will wisp out not showing the true length. Adding one row will fill in all of those gaps.

Two Rose Rows


Want the mermaid hair of your dreams? are you tired of waiting for your hair to grow? Two rows gives you added volume and the length of your dreams.

Three Rose Rows


For clients that have bob length hair or extremely fragile hair that cant take the weight of too much hair being on one row.

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

The hair we use for install is 100% human hair and with proper care will last up to 10 months. The hair is a separate charge from the install price learn more here.

The Rosewood Salon Co. wants to ensure our clients have the best extension experience by offering premium hair and luxury take home care kit.

This pricing guide will give you an idea on the kind of investment you will be making. Pricing will vary for each client. Pricing below is based off a two row install and can vary based on color, texture and natural density. Be sure to book your consultation to ensure accurate pricing!

14" length |  $1100

18" length | $1600

22" length | $1900

24" length | $2300

26" length | $2600


styling experience

Blow Out 1-2 Hours

Looking for curls for days? How about a voluminous blow dry? Maybe you are wanting a very sleek silk press. Then this service is made for you! All style services include a trim or treatment, blow dry and iron work.

2022-10-08_10-08-27_1665238136 (2).jpg


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