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a luxurious experience for effortless hair in the heart of arlington, virginia






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Step into The Rosewood Salon, located in the Northern Virginia community. Our unmatched services include extensions and premium dimensional color services. To ensure expectations are met and every customer is satisfied, we conduct in person consultations prior to our extension clients only, and virtual consultations for our color and styling clients. Due to our specialized skill set and experience, our pricing is time-based. 

Now, how can we help your hair?


Are you looking for Custom Color Services? It IS absolutely possible to have model-worthy hair AND keep your hair healthy, glowing, and low-maintenance. All Rosewood stylists can provide premium color services with stunning results!


Are you interested in Rosewood Extensions?  You can totally have the hairstyle of your dreams with Rosewood extensions as they are the lowest damage-causing extension experience. Our qualified stylists can customize and install extensions to transform your length, volume, and overall appearance with the highest quality extensions that last up to 10 months.

Are you wanting to simply get a custom styleKick your hairstyle up a notch with our custom blow out service which includes a trim or treatment, blow dry plus iron work!


love is in the hair

hi, beautiful!

Get ready for a hair transformation like never before!

At the Rosewood Salon, you’re not just another person in our chair. From the moment we conduct a consultation with you, we invest our time, heart, and healing energy into your transformation. From intricately placed extensions to color services and more, your head is our privilege to get to work on. And we hope you feel like the amazing goddess you are when we’re done!


Unlike other salons, our process revolves around building your self-esteem and protecting the integrity of your hair all at the same time. We know how it feels to be rocking a good hair day and pledge to give you that confidence the second you sit down with us!


Let our team of stylists work our magic on your heart and head in just a few hours. We promise you won’t regret it!


All my love,

Kat Scott

Owner, Business Coach, and Educator

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Love for Rosewood

Since I started getting extensions in 2020, I've been so fortunate to build a friendship with Kat and I truly enjoy every one of our appointments. She is EXTREMELY knowledgable, beyond up-to-date on the latest hair trends and education and I trust her completely. I have very naturally thin hair and at my last appointment, after having extensions for almost 2 years, my hair felt so healthy when she took them out before moving them up and I couldn't believe my own hair could even look or feel that way. Kat truly cares about each of her clients and makes everyone she meets feel special - not to mention she has given me my DREAM HAIR!

-Mandy P.

hi beautiful!

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