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5 Halloween Hair Horrors and How to Avoid Common Styling Mistakes

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

“Double double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” This month is all things spooky and we are here for the fun! Bring on the pumpkins, the ghosts, and the Halloween parties!

We absolutely love this time of year and are having a blast with our clients in our chairs throughout the month. We may or may not be discussing Halloween costumes, hilarious Halloween fails, and of course, Halloween HAIR!

Have you ever dressed in a costume that required ridiculous hair? It can really make or break a look and when you decide to fully commit, you usually win the “Best Costume” award, right? Whether you look silly or perfectly in character, we’re supportive of your effort no matter what!

That being said, as hairstylists, we cringe just a bit when we see Halloween hairstyles go a little too far, especially if it involves damaging the hair (yikes!) So we decided to educate our beloved Halloween-er’s to ensure you know just how far you should go (or not go) when it comes to hair during Halloween.

halloween hair horror stories
Halloween Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Hair Styling Mistakes You Must Avoid This Halloween

1. Temporary Hair Dyes

The keyword here is *temporary*. We are aware of so many drugstore products that promise they are temporary or wash out in one rinse, but they are filled with harsh dyes that can wreck havoc on your locks! Some of these hair sprays or dyes can harshly dry out the hair and leave behind residue that is hard to wash out. We know it’s fun to go for a full color transformation when the costume requires it, but this is where we recommend investing in a wig (Amazon has so many options!)

Not only will a wig be sure to protect your hair underneath, it requires no added washing or scrubbing and you can easily get back to work the next day. :)

2. Using Craft Glitter

Are you going as a mermaid? Unicorn? Rockstar or dancer? We love any reason to use glitter as it for SURE amplifies your look. But do NOT reach for the craft glitter in your closet. Instead, use hair safe glitter! Yes that's a thing. Using craft glitter can be abrasive and hard to remove, leading to potential hair damage. We know it may be the easy option, but you will have serious regrets in the shower later on!

3. Ignoring Product Ingredients

Whether it’s hairspray to hold in your look or a promising hair dye to transform your color, ignoring the product ingredients could be deadly to your hair - especially your extensions! We highly advise never using unknown products on your extensions. If your stylist can ensure that a product is safe to use, go right ahead! But if you’re scrambling to find something to boost up your costume, chances are you will damage your hair!

Many costume-related hair products are NOT tested adequately, have toxic chemicals in them, and have harsh dyes without proper protectant of your hair. While you may not understand every ingredient on the list, the best bet is to avoid anything that you have not gotten total approval on from your hairstylist. Trust us!

4. Over Teasing for Volume

We can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times we ourselves have teased our hair for wanted volume, Halloween-related or not! The truth is, it is just not worth it. Teasing leads to tangling, breakage and potential long-term damage of your hair. It weakens the integrity of the strand and is absolutely a pain to get out. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

If you are going for a voluminous look, consider a volume spray instead to create more texture in your hair that will keep your hair more firm or from falling flat. You don’t have to tease to get volume, we promise!

5. Forgetting to Deep Condition

The parties are over, the fun has been had, and you’ve probably had too much candy. But the last thing you want to do is deep condition your hair, right? We get it! But this is something that will SAVE your hair after all the crazy you may have put it through.

A good deep condition can restore moisture and balance to your hair, allowing it to resume its proper growth and strength. It doesn’t take too long and you’ll be so glad you did it within a few hours of the festivities ending!

Trust us when we say that taking care of your hair and avoiding these mistakes will be the best Halloween gift you could ever give yourself. Not only will you be able to go back to your normal, beautiful look effortlessly, but you won’t have any Halloween-hair-horror stories to tell your stylist later!

Have a safe and happy Halloween! 🎃


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