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How-To Guide for Protecting Your Hair All Summer Long

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

When it comes to summertime, we are all about the beach, the pool parties, and the backyard barbecues. Summer is our time to shine and we know we always feel our best when we feel confident in our hair! What about you?

Unfortunately, summer conditions can often create hair dryness, discoloration, and even unwanted damage to your scalp. We made it our mission to gather all our professional hair tips to ensure you never have to worry about summer hair issues.

Ready to rock your hair all summer long?

Protect your hair during the summer to keep it healthy
Woman protects her hair all summer long

5 Tips for Protecting Your Hair This Summer

  1. Headed on a beach trip soon? We bet you want to look your best (who wouldn’t?!) However, as much as you likely want your hair to look fresh and fabulous, we actually recommend NOT getting your hair touched up before spending hours in the sun. So much time in that glorious sunshine could actually strip away all of your color. Wait until you get back to do a hair refresh!

  2. Wear your sunscreen! It’s super important to protect your skin and we are all about it! However, when looking for the best sunscreen that won’t damage your hair, make sure to look for sunscreens that are mineral based and AVOID any that have the ingredient “avobenzone”. We highly recommend this amazing sunscreen.

  3. We love a good self tan! If that’s your jam too, just keep in mind that self tanner or any other tanning products will affect your hair color and extensions hair color. Make sure your hair is tucked away and not on your skin to avoid potential color change.

  4. Going swimming with friends or family? We have an amazing HAIR HACK to protect your hair (and especially extension hair). Before getting in the pool, dampen your hair and coat it in your favorite conditioner or a hair mask. Then, wrap your hair up in a bun or two braids and enjoy your water activities! This will act as a barrier between your hair and the chlorine to help prevent discoloration and dryness. Be sure to detangle, wash and condition immediately after. If you notice that your natural hair or extensions have changed colors due to chlorine, use one of these remedy packets to get rid of unwanted tones!

  5. Purple/blue shampoos will not help remedy any hair discoloration, but typically make the problem worse. Always reach out to your stylist for proper recommendations to get your hair back to looking fabulous!

We are guessing a few of these tips were new to you. Thankfully, you can now use what you know to keep your locks looking fabulous AND attend all the summer festivities!

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