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Obsessed is an Understatement: Our Feelings About Hairstory

Hairstory: Our New Favorite Products

Have you ever become obsessed with something so much that you can’t stop talking about it? Maybe it’s a new show, a new restaurant, or even a celebrity.

Well, today we can’t stop talking about a new haircare line that is CHANGING THE HAIR CARE WORLD. And we are here for their innovation and dedication to happier, healthier hair.

Now introducing… Hairstory!

Superior hair care product
Hairstory New Wash Product

Hairstory, We Love You

In the haircare world, it’s essentially criminal to use any 2-in-1 product. They typically involve ingredients that can be extra damaging to the hair or scalp when attempting to save you a step. On top of that, they often do not support the pH level of hair. So when we heard about Hairstory’s New Wash product, we had appropriate reservations.

Turns out, there is absolutely nothing to be skeptical about. This product is the real deal.

Healthy hair wash
Hairstory provides superior product for healthy hair care

Per the makers themselves, Hairstory’s New Wash product is:

"An innovative detergent-free hair cleansing cream for all hair types that washes, conditions, nourishes, detangles, balances the scalp-and imparts perfectly imperfect personal style and texture-all at once.

(Yes, it does all of these things in ONE product!)

  • Cleanses: New Wash Original is formulated to remove excess dirt and oil while refreshing hair with its combination of essential oils and naturally derived cleansing agents.

  • Conditions: Nourishes and moisturizes hair for a healthy, shiny, soft texture to prevent tangles and frizz, all without weighing it down.

  • Balances: Balances natural oil production and promotes a healthy scalp due to a detergent-free formula that allows you to go longer between washes.

  • Protects: Helps color last longer and keeps natural hair color vibrant and healthy."

Can you believe all of these incredible qualities this product has?!

What You Need to Know About New Wash by Hairstory

This product both cleans and hydrates without making your hair oily or super dry. It’s designed for and works flawlessly for all hair types, including curly, color treated, and compromised hair.

Even better, it’s an ideal product for those who choose to go longer in-between washes. It leaves no residue or build up and therefore helps support healthier, cleaner hair for longer.

Gentle Ingredients, Luxurious Results

We pride ourselves in always being on the lookout for quality, clean products. New Wash fits the bill more than we could have ever hoped.

This product contains:

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

  • Evening Primrose Oil

  • Sunflower Seed Oil

  • Lavender Flower Extract

Additionally, it contains:

  • No sulfates

  • No phthalates 

  • No detergents

Hairstory beneficial ingredients
Specialty ingredients in Hairstory New Wash

A unique element of this company is that they are eco-conscious and offer refillable pouches versus having to buy a new bottle every time. 

Lastly, their products are biodegradable and cruelty-free. Talk about a superior hair care line!  

The Experience You Get with Hairstory

New Wash by Hairstory goes on like a conditioner and rinses out like a shampoo. Unlike traditional shampoo products, you will see the bubbles and suds as you rinse OUT, not as you lather and apply thoroughly.

The most important thing about implementing this type of product into your hair care routine is to make sure that you are rinsing it out thoroughly. There are typically more bubbles leaving the hair during the rinse process, therefore it’s important to continue rinsing until all of the bubbles are gone.

With this incredible product, you can still wash your hair twice or as many times as you’d like and it won't weigh down your hair. It's truly amazing! 

How Rosewood Salon Uses Hairstory 

Rinsing Hairstory from client's hair
Stylist rinses Hairstory's New Wash from clients hair

If you’ve sat in one of our chairs recently, you’ve likely already received this luxurious product on your hair. We’ve been testing it out on countless clients with the same satisfaction every time! We are especially loving the chance to use New Wash on extensions, which it works so beautifully for!

In addition, we are using other Hairstory products and falling in love the same way. Their hair balm cream is a hairstylist's top favorite (especially for curls!) 

Our Final Review

In case it isn’t obvious, we are obsessed with Hairstory and everything they stand for. Not only have they created a safe and healthy solution to many hair product concerns, but they are looking out for you and us together to help us all have the best hair possible. Thank you, Hairstory!

Psst! We’re so obsessed with this line that we are putting samples into our upcoming hair kits! Come back to learn more about them soon! 


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