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Redefining Busy & Proper Hair Maintenance

At Rosewood, we’re challenging the conventional wisdom that Saturdays are the zenith of chaos in the salon world. While it’s a widespread belief that chairs are filled only on the cusp of weekends and holidays, we take pride in a bustling salon environment every day, with a philosophy that revolves around balance and pre-emptive planning.

Contrary to the echoes of old-school salon lore, we don’t subscribe to the last-minute frenzy. Instead, we’ve embraced technology with our salon app, placing the power of booking in your hands—anytime, anywhere, and aiding you in having proper hair maintenance. This approach is not just about convenience; it’s about encouraging a proactive haircare routine, ensuring you’re not left out when your hair most needs attention.

Moreover, we believe that a well-planned appointment schedule benefits everyone. It prevents the all-too-common burnout for stylists and guarantees clients enjoy consistent, top-notch service.

Woman getting her hair treated on a regular hair maintenance schedule

Recommended Timeframe for Hair Maintenance

Here’s how we envision the rhythm of your visits:

  • Haircuts: Medium to long hair can enjoy a refresh every 3-4 months. Those sporting shorter, sassier cuts? A trim every 6 weeks keeps your style sharp.

  • Highlights/Balayage: For that sun-kissed, effortless look, we recommend maintenance every 4-6 months, with the possibility of a 3-month touch-up for those seeking a more vibrant statement.

  • Brazilian Blowouts: To maintain that silken smoothness, a revisit every 4 to 6 months is ideal, depending on your hair’s response and resilience.

  • Vivids and Treatments: These are as unique as you are, tailored to what you and your Rosewood stylist conjure up for your hair’s journey.

This schedule doesn’t just ensure the continued health of your hair; it affirms our commitment to work-life harmony. By planning ahead, we forge a partnership with our clients—one where time is respected, quality is paramount, and the frantic energy of ‘busy’ seasons is transformed into a calm, organized salon experience.

The Rosewood Experience

At Rosewood, Saturdays are just another day to deliver transformations with tranquility. It’s where the hair care plan you’ve crafted with your stylist becomes a reality, paced throughout the year for your utmost benefit.

When your appointment is booked in advance, both you and your stylist have adequate time to prepare and avoid the frenzied feeling of if and when you can get in for a last minute appointment. Not to mention, you can plan around your appointment to ensure it isn't missed or rescheduled.

Because we value your time, we want you to experience not only a quality hair experience, but a peaceful one! No one wants a stressful, chaotic, or distracted hair appointment. We want to give you a calm, well-paced, and enjoyable session in our chair that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Society's View on "Busy"

Without question, being busy is the popular thing to be. Why is that? While we live in an industry that often supports full schedules, we at Rosewood believe there is a difference between "full" and "busy." We believe this is important for our clients as well!

We strategically arrange our schedules to accommodate the proper amount of clients in a day, never "squeezing you in" just to make an extra buck. We value efficiency, but not overwhelm, which often leads to poorer quality. We hope you feel your worth and our attention on you 100% of the time you're in our chair!

In short, let us redefine ‘busy’ for you by turning your hair appointment from another task you have to fit into your busy life into an experience that’s as rejuvenating for your hair as it is for your spirit.


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