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New Found Freedom: My Personal Experience With Growth

The Freedom to Explore New Things

Freedom to explore new things in the hair industry
Woman walking as she experiences newly found freedom

With it officially being spring, I can’t help but notice all of the continued growth and opportunities I am experiencing when it comes to Rosewood and my personal brand. Whether it's the change of season I’m witnessing happen outside or the personal inspiration I’m feeling within, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for it all. 

The opportunity I’ve been given to provide coaching for beauty professionals has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Not only do I feel an immense sense of gratitude for others trusting in my story and my experience, but I’m reminded again and again how fortunate I am to be a success in the salon and beauty industry. 

With the blessings I’ve been given related to my career lately, I’ve found the desire to grow even bigger as a business owner and individual stylist. This newly acquired freedom to explore new ideas and opportunities is one I don’t want to waste, so you could say that I’m a force to be reckoned with. 

Rosewood is Standing on Our Own

You will typically see me post on my personal page about freedom and all the nuances of the salon industry (I’ve got some incredible new branding over there, you should check it out!) Included in those nuances is the chance to work with other companies you align with. 

Because of my experience building a salon and working with other companies for several years, I am pleased to announce that The Rosewood Salon is officially standing strong on our own by manufacturing our own hair extensions and supplies. 

While we have loved promoting other external brands and had very positive relationships, I decided to embark down a path of creating my own products with my own personal touch. This is something I thought was going to be impossible to achieve, but it is actually happening!

What Does It Mean

This means that we are no longer dealing with a middle man supplier. We are IT! You will be able to purchase and work with us directly when it comes to your desired hair extensions.

This new found freedom has inspired me to explore even more extension services. That said, we will be launching with traditional sew-in extension techniques that are a great addition to our Rosewood Rows. 

Curly Girls, We Gotchu!

Traditional sew-ins are considered a protective style (meaning that most of the hair is tucked away and very minimal natural hair is left out). However, this has most commonly been used on clients with straight-hair textures. We will of course provide this option as much as desired! 

That being said, we saw the demand for a protective style sew-in that works for curly-haired textures and we decided to find a solution. 

We have identified a sew-in technique for curly-haired textures, meaning those that have a hard time with their hair getting tangled in between the rows or don’t quite have long enough hair to cover the rows but would love to wear their hair naturally curly. 

The extensions for this technique are machine made, so they are less of an investment compared to hand tied and micro wefts that we use for our Rosewood Rows. These new extensions are able to be lightened and will last up to 6 months with proper care. 

What’s Next

The Rosewood Salon will be launching our newest product line of sew-in extensions in April 2024. Check back for updates and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed!

In the meantime, I will be embracing this incredible time of my career where the opportunities are plentiful and the inspiration to serve my clients and fulfill my dreams with the freedom to do so is at an all-time high. 

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