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The Winter Mane-land: Navigating Hair Health During the Holidays

Girl blowing snow while maintaining healthy winter hair

As winter wraps us in its chilly embrace, the air fills with the jingle of holiday cheer and the rustle of festive attire. Yet, amid this enchanting season, our tresses face a frosty challenge. At Rosewood, we believe that your hair deserves to mirror the holiday glow, so we’ve curated a guide to keep your locks as lively as the holiday spirit.

While we recommend this guide for ALL hair types, it is especially important for color clients and those who use extensions. The added stress of both of these services can (not always) exacerbate winter hair conditions.

How to Have Healthy Hair During the Holidays

The cold winter air can be harsh on your hair, leading to a lackluster appearance. Rosewood champions the art of maintaining mane magnificence through:

  • Hydration Heaven: Combat the dry winter air with our signature deep conditioning treatments, which infuse moisture and shine.

  • Serum Elixirs: A few drops of our oil-based serums can seal in moisture and add that coveted glossy finish.

  • Brazilian Blow Out: This luxurious service locks in shine and moisture and combats the static in these dry winter seasons.

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Unwrapping 5 Hair Myths: Winter Edition

Can cold weather cause hair loss? Does wearing a hat affect hair health? Let’s bust these myths with Rosewood’s professional insights for a confident, well-informed season.

Long-haired woman wears hat while protecting hair during the winter

Myth 1: Cold Weather Causes Hair Loss The belief that colder climates directly cause hair to fall out is as persistent as winter’s first snow. In truth, a slight increase in hair shedding during winter months is normal and often linked to the natural hair growth cycle. However, severe hair loss should not be attributed solely to temperature changes. Dry indoor heating, friction from headwear, and hot showers are more likely culprits, contributing to brittle strands that break easily. At Rosewood, we emphasize strengthening treatments and gentle hair care routines to counteract these effects, especially for those who receive color and extension services.

Myth 2: Wearing Hats Leads to Thinning Hair Hats are often accused of contributing to thinning hair or baldness, but rest assured, your cozy beanies are not to blame. While hats don’t cause thinning, they can lead to breakage if they’re too tight or create static and friction. Choose hats lined with silk or satin to protect your hair and avoid any unnecessary stress on your scalp. Remember, it’s not the hat but how you wear it. Myth 3: Skipping Washes is Better in Winter Some say that less frequent washing benefits your hair in the winter, but this is a half-frozen truth. While it’s essential to prevent over-washing to maintain your scalp’s natural oils, a good cleanse is still necessary. Build-up of products, dead skin, and oil can lead to an unhealthy scalp environment. Instead, we recommend using hydrating shampoos and lukewarm water for winter washes to keep your hair and scalp healthy without stripping away moisture. After receiving a color service, we highly recommend implementing a an extra nourishing conditioner as well.

Myth 4: Indoor Heating Doesn’t Affect Hair Health Many believe the misconception that only outdoor elements affect hair health, but indoor heating can sap moisture from the air and your hair, leaving it parched and lifeless. We advocate for using humidifiers to reintroduce moisture into your indoor space, complemented by regular deep conditioning treatments to preserve your hair’s vitality. Myth 5: Snow and Ice Can Nourish Your Hair The romantic notion that letting your hair catch snowflakes or ice can lock in moisture is as fleeting as the winter’s day. Snow and ice, like rainwater, can contain pollutants and may lead to hair shaft swelling (even in extensions!), which weakens the hair. We advise keeping your hair protected and embracing specialized hair products with protective ingredients to shield against environmental stressors. At Rosewood, we understand that navigating hair care myths can be as tricky as a winter’s frost. Our commitment is to offer you not only the finest hair care experience but also the wisdom to maintain your mane’s magnificence, regardless of season or reason.

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