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2024: The Year for Having a Solid Hair Care Routine

Woman focuses on having a solid hair care routine

Happy New Year and happy new year of hair care! We love any opportunity to improve ourselves and think its important to prioritize self-care (which includes HAIR-care). That being said, we also believe that you should always give yourself grace when it comes to goals and trying to improve. If you're trying to better yourself with good intention, that's what matters!

The quality and integrity of your hair makes up a big part of your self-confidence, which is why we want to encourage you to think about having a solid hair care routine this year. Better hair can equal better confidence, better moods, and overall better quality of life. Isn't that something we all want?

While it would be nice if we could all implement a change in our lives overnight (including solid hair care routines), that's rarely the case. It takes time to develop good habits and to be consistent. However, the payout is absolutely worth it!

Hair Care Routine Goals to Consider in 2024

Have you paused to think what you want when it comes to your hair this year? Perhaps it's to have more healthy hair. Or maybe it's as simple as doing something new and different.

Consider the following questions when it comes to your hair goals for 2024.

  • How often do I realistically see myself going into the salon this year?

  • What looks do I want to try out?

  • How would I like my hair to feel throughout the year?

  • Could my hair be healthier in terms of strength, volume, and thickness?

  • How much product is required to achieve my ideal look? Am I happy with that amount?

  • Do I compare my hair style / color to others and wish for something different?

  • Do I want to reinvent myself?

  • Am I confident in knowing that my hair does not represent my worth, but I'm still allowed to want to have good looking hair?

Each of these questions above can guide you towards making decisions this year when it comes to your hair. And you can certainly start today in implementing good hair habits to ensure your hair is as beautiful and healthy as you want it to be!

Visiting a salon regularly for hair appointments is part of a solid hair care routine

Obtaining Your Dream Hair at The Rosewood Salon

When you think about having your dream hair, we hope you realize that it is possible to achieve through working with any of the stylists at The Rosewood Salon. In fact, it is our literal honor to help you transform your hair into the hair of your dreams!

Not only that, but maintaining your hair integrity, style, and goals all year long is what we consider our responsibility as your hair stylist's. Let us help you achieve your goals, be more confident in yourself, and experience any desired hair transformation this year!

Recommended Hair Maintenance Schedule

If you are wondering how to implement the best hair care routines and maintenance schedule throughout the year, follow this helpful timeline for our top services.

  • Rosewood Rows :  Every 8 weeks 

  • Highlights : Every 3-4 months

  • Grey Coverage : Every 4 weeks 

  • Haircut : Every 3-4 months (long to medium hair) 

  • All other services can come in as frequent or spaced out as you choose

Get matched with your ideal stylist for your next appointment!

Dont let your hair goals be another resolution that gets unfulfilled. Start the year off with intention towards your hair!

And in addition, save yourself some stress by knowing that when you have a solid hair care routine and visit The Rosewood Salon per our recommended timeline, your hair will look fabulous all year long! 

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